A fragrance oil is a mix of various components, some natural (from plants) and some synthetic.  They are carefully formulated and/or blended to the exact specifications of a perfumer whose goal is to design a scent.  “The perfumer is effectively an artist who is trained in depth on the concepts and moods with their fragrance compositions.” – Wikipedia- Perfumer.”  JVS fragrance oils are custom blends formulated to give the consumer an entirely new concept and creation.


It is impossible to describe a fragrance according to its components because the exact formulas are kept secret.   Even if the formulas are known, the ingredients are often too numerous to provide a useful classification.   Think of fragrance in this way:  Top notes create the scents that form a person’s initial impression of the fragrance.  Heart Notes or Middle Notes is the scent of a fragrance that emerges after the top notes dissipate.  The hear notes form the “heart” or main body of a fragrance and act to mask the often unpleasant initial impression of base notes, which become more pleasant with time.  Base Notes is the scent that appears after the departure of the top notes.  The base and middle notes combine, are the main theme of a fragrance.


Our fragrance oils are comprised of aromatic components and are safe for the skin.   However, certain health effects are known and it is prudent to follow certain precautions and first-aid procedures:

Eye contact – immediately flush eyes with large quantities of water for at least 10 minutes.  Remove contact lenses.  Call a physician if irritation persists.  Ingestion – May be harmful if swallowed.  If swallowed, immediately dilute with 8 oz of water or milk.  Contact physician immediately.