Host a Raw Foods Class  $489
Change Your Mind Change Your Kitchen Makeover $429

Fed up with yo-yo dieting? You make every attempt to eat what you believe is a healthy diet and still you’re sluggish, you have no energy, you’re hungry all the time and it seems you just can’t get anywhere near reaching your goal for optimum health?  Could it be the foods in your fridge and pantry?  Most products  labeled "low fat" "low calorie" and even those boasting to be"health foods,” may be the culprit to your fatigue and possibly sabotaging all your efforts for weight loss and wellness.  We can alter all this to work in your favor!  As your coach, I will assist you in a complete makeover for your kitchen and your diet.  $429

For yoga studios, wellness centers, clinics, gyms or spas, I will instruct your clients on everything they need to know about raw food basics.  My Raw Food class is a three-hour demo workshop that covers everything from soup to nuts (how to make easy delicious meals, tips on how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. $489

Well, get ready for a transformation that will have heads turning – even your own! Up under the clutter and layers of poor eating lye the most important, most beautiful jewel ever – YOU! So let’s get started:  


Reg. Fee $199 plus the cost of food and supplements.


Please check your supplement list for further details. You can order from the following link:  

Grown & Sexy Detox $199

Ingredients4Life LLC (“I4L”).  I4L arms individuals with healthful information regarding what we eat, what we drink and how we think about food.    Regardless of what you hear on TV, the number one way to health is not joining a gym or taking supplements, it is coming to grips with what we are eating, why we are eating it; and why we continue to choose processed, refined foods over whole, fresh foods.


I4Life is a brand new approach to the coaching process and relationship.  It is not simply about food.  It’s also about changing your mind.  For you see, once you re-pattern your thoughts, you’ll began to take action.  Stepping out of your comfort zone to take action brings about a change in your behavior.  It will not happen overnight and the changes don’t have to be spectacular in any way.  Just know that you’ll begin to move in the right direction of your own wellness and growth.  The meals we will be preparing together today are the beginning of that wonderful journey.


As a certified Holistic Health Coach and raw foods chef, I blend my knowledge of holistic health, health coaching, and preventive health with my love and appreciation of healthy foods and healthy food preparation.  I not only talk about the theory of vibrant health, but also the best practices that have worked for me and will work for you too!

I ask vital questions of my clients: How is your health today?  How will your health be in one year, two years and beyond?  Are you willing to be honest with yourself and the process of achieving better health?  Or will you continue to believe the lie(s)?  Do you know that you are worthy of a life that thrives? What besides food is holding you back?  As an encourager, I can tell you that there is a greater hope for your health and the health of your family.


Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity and many other lifestyle dis-eases are completely reversible.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and healthy fats all lend to vibrant health, hands down!

It was my own health issues that guided me to this point in my life.  Overweight, body inflamed; depressed, diagnosed with hypertension and borderline diabetes, I knew I needed a change.  I immediately went for the quick fix which was recommended to me by a physician with good intentions.  Before long, my aches and pains and weigh-too-much body fat was back where I’d started and worse!  Dieting was out of the question because I had done ALL of that including bariatric surgery.  I read a review about a book written by a Dr. T. Colin Campbell entitled "The China Study" so I ordered the book, read it and was convinced that I needed to rethink the way I viewed food.  I continued reading everything I could get my hands; attended natural health seminars; studied scripture to see what the Word has to say about eating;  stocked my shelves with Super Foods; stuffing my fridge with nutrient dense and enzyme rich fruits and veggies, and just about anything else that related to clean eating  and right thinking.  Step by step, I was being transformed and feeling happier and healthier than ever before.!  I even began running and am now a proud marathoner! 


A healthy lifestyle is not a goal.  It is a journey taken one step at a time. I would be honored to assist you along your journey and the journeys of your famiies and loved ones!