Ingredients4Life Health & Lifestyle Coaching


Tried every diet conceivable to man?  Your body shuts down at even the thought of you feeding it another rice cake?  So much pressure to eat right, but what’s right for you?  You don’t even know what you have in your kitchen, let alone how to prepare anything and having the time to do so seems daunting to you?  You’re all stopped up right?  Your mind, your bowels, you mailbox, your sinuses, Can’t focus, depressed most of the time, cranky and you find fault in everyone and everything including you.  You want to scream because all you think about is food, not realizing that your hunger is not for food so much as it is what is eating you.  You look in the mirror and you see the person starring back at you, but when you really look, you ask yourself, what is keeping you from becoming the person you want to be and can be? 


If you’re reading this right now, this is where your transformation takes on a new meaning.  All that you’ve experienced thus far has brought you to this place.  Let’s get started!

Ingredients4Life offers you:

  • The confidence to talk about your issues in a non-compromising setting; you will be asked questions that will call you into action and get you out of the rut you’ve been in for years;

  • Connect the dots in your life so that you are clear about what works for you and what sabotages your efforts in becoming the healthy energetic person you want to be

  • Considers you as a whole person through a functional lens and not a heap of dysfunction and symptoms

  • Dismantle  some of your doubt and confusion, leaving our session with actionable, get-to-it-right-away changes that won’t taste terrible or feel restrictive


Although it’s your initial consultation of health and  lifestyle coaching, its way more than that!  The session will give you hope and steer you in the way of future bliss.


You will need to register online and fill out the questionnaire in my completely secure portal.  Upon completion, I will contact you to determine from you, the best time for our session.


Oh that’s right!  Your calendar is stopped up and you have no time to drive to meet me anywhere and besides, you live in Nova Scotia!  No worries.  For our session, we’ll connect by phone or Skype for 75 minutes no matter where you are.  That’s right!  No need to get all dolled up or come to me in a girdle so tight you can’t breathe.  You just find a comfortable place/space of your own choosing where you can speak freely where you can engage in our conversation without restriction.


So you see, it’s not scary or intimidating at all right?



Your investment in yourself for this session is $150.