Juices                            $9.00

Red Lemonade- Apple Lemon Cucumber

Light The Way- Pineapple,Cucumber Cilantro

New Green- Green Apple Celery Mint Parsley
Spinach Lime

Smoothies                        $9.50

Have S’More -
Double Cacao Banana Maca Cinnamon Chili
Vanilla Maple

Incredible Edibles


Eat any time of the day or night.


Chocolate Chia Pudding                                        $6.00

Chocolate Chia Maple Cinnamon Banana Granola


Coconut Yogurt Parfait                                           $9.50

Coconut Berries Macadamia Coconut Brittle


Carrot Ginger Coconut Soup                                 $9.50

Carrot Lime Ginger Spices Herbs

Cracker Crisps


Five-Pepper Veggie Chili                                        $10.50

Sun-Dried Tomato Chili Chocolate

Zucchini Jalapeno Corn
Walnuts Smoky Spices

Salads & Wraps                                  $12.00

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Spinach Mesclun Strawberries Almonds
Mustard Vinegrette


Seaweed Caeser Salad

Romaine Kale Avocado Sprouts Capers
Nori Pumpkin Seeds Brazil Nut Parmesan



Chipotle Chicken Salad Wrap (2)
Sunflower Seeds Chipotle Tomatoes
Avocado Collard Leaves